How we survived

How we survived a gruesome stomach bug a couple of weeks ago that is. It wasn't that bad since it wasn't the actual influenza, but when you are the sole parent at home with the children and all three of you are having trouble keeping anything down or in, it seems like it is that bad. Standards went very low very fast. I was not ashamed to play Netflix the whole day until Chris came home on the days we were sick. Here's what we watched/what I tried to ignore while reading this incredible book

- A boatload of Sesame Street - I normally like the classic ones. 
- All the Baby Genius movies available. 
- The Very Hungry Caterpillar
- So many episodes of Bob the Builder
- Pocahontas

I was so very thankful to have Netflix as our entertainment especially since Conor didn't really experience any reduced energy and I was spent. What are you favorite movies to watch when you are sick? Did you completely escape illness this winter? I hope so! 

Thanks, Netflix for having me be a part of the #StreamTeam!