Welcome, welcome, welcome to the internet home of Cedars and Tiny Flowers.  

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. 

We will begin with Chris, husband of my life and father to my children. On the outside, Chris could seem like the stereotypical American jock ... except that his sport of choice is rugby. Once you delve a little deeper past the bruises, love of tackling people and short rugby shorts, you will actually find someone who chooses to watch theology and philosophy debates while getting his hair cut.  He also aspires to live in hobbit hole.
  I am the author of these chronicles about our life together (duh ... the name Cedars & Tiny Flowers doesn't exactly scream, "Chosen by the man of the house!"). You can call me Katrina. 

If you would  like to know some random facts, there are some here. I like to write conversationally, but after reading this blog, you might decide that you would not want to have a rambling conversation with me in real life. I cry at the drop of the words, "Birth story," and my favorite animal is a chicken. I graduated from university a couple years ago, had a mom internship (otherwise known as being a nanny), then became a human resources analyst for a company that has impeccable soccer taste and now it seems as though I am trying to embody a classic song sung by generation after generation. You may have sang it?

Chris & Katrina,
Sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
Then comes marriage,
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage

Ryan showed us that we are not the plan-makers on this earth and became our honeymoon souvenir. We even entertained the middle name of Philip for about five seconds. 

I get to stay at home with that garbage disposal of a two and a half year old of ours. He enjoys food, balls, anything outside, food, balls and saying, "No."

And now we have Conor, who joined us in the midst of a Notre Dame game in October eleven months ago. He likes his noise white and his parents standing. 

In case you can't tell, we like our family of four a whole lot.

So that's us. 

Disclaimer: I am corny, have told bad mom jokes since long before I was a mom and hug my words with way too many parentheses. Hope those qualities don't stop you from propping your cursor on the scroll bar and staying awhile.