Free Printable! You Will Set the World on Fire

Two things to know about me: one, painting is like a glass of wine for me (once I get over the fear of the blank canvas, that is) and two, I over-complicate things.

I don't do it nearly enough, but painting really relaxes me. Well, if I stick to very simple things, painting really relaxes me. Complete concentration on pressing my paintbrush to paper just so seems to help me breathe easier when life gets overwhelming. Psychology isn't my specialty, but I remember that I coincidentally read an article soon after I had painted for the first time in quite some time when Ryan was ten months or so old. It was kind of an ah-ha! moment because I had recognized that I did feel really happy after doing so. I don't remember the source, so here is the oh-so-reliable (wink, wink) Wikipedia. It has something to do with flow.

Lately, I have really been wanting to nest. No, I'm not expecting a baby, I'm just ready to finally hang things on our walls. I'm ready to feel settled in our home! I'm a very slow mover and decorator. I hung our favorite movie posters last week after four months of George and Mary Bailey being propped up against the wall.

Since I've taken thousands and thousands of photos, you would think that I would take advantage of the fact that I have plenty of material to hang on our bare walls. I'm picturing a beautiful gallery wall like the ones on Pinterest. However, being the over-complicating person that I am, the notion of creating artwork of quotes myself for our home has furiously devoured me, and I insist on taking way too long to slowly make just the right painted quote when I could definitely find something prettier on Etsy to buy. I love everything my fellow Ohio girl, Jolie, hand letters for her shop, Brim Papery. I really want this one because have you seen my housekeeping skills?

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I can share whatever I come up with for our home with you! My dear readers. Maybe you are on a budget, but want to dress up your walls or need a cute gift idea. Maybe you just need a photo to test if your color printer is working correctly. Whatever the reason, it's yours for the downloading (and printing ... and hanging).

Here is my first project ... that will go into my teetering stack of items to be hung. This quote, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire," from St. Catherine of Siena is kind of our motto if you'll have it for Chris' graduate school - he even wrote about it in his application! I wanted something soft and watercolor-y (wow, can you tell I'm not an artist?) in my handwriting. I'm pretty rusty and googled way too many editing tutorials, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. If you like it, I hope you download the free printable and use it in your home!

Make sure you download the file rather than just saving the image because there is better resolution in the files. I made a 5x7 and an 8x10. I printed mine on an off-white linen cardstock. Enjoy!

Click here for the 5x7

Click here for the 8x10

Also - this is the first time I'm using Google Drive, so please let me know if it isn't working. Many thanks!