Shake Down the Funder

(photos courtesy of the this iPhone talented

Ms. Alex Cooley


I'm writing from Annapolis with family members playing pass the baby (my baby), one toddler fast asleep after a day full of paddle boarding (and no naps) fun, and my sweet sister-in-law is sitting next to me with my one year old brother-in-law taking his bottle. Okay, now he is the object of pass the child; this house runneth over with laps for bouncing sweet babes to bed.  

There is just a little something happening this weekend

, and

this sneak peek

just gives me one more overwhelming moment of happy tears, and I find myself solidifying my rank as the sappiest and most emotional person in at least the continental US. I've been from coast to coast this past month so maybe I have just a little authority to type that exaggeration? Just a little, not a bit more than that. Yesterday I choked back happy tears as we piled out of a 12-passenger sardine can. I don't think my siblings-in-law joined me in that emotion fest, but they are used to my sap.

The past month has been more jam-packed than a pantry after canning season. It will take my rusty finger tips a while to type it all out, but until then - let's shake down the funder.

{Press play}.

Shake Down the Funder - Notre Dame Victory March





. (In the middle, he is talking about the wet chair that was behind me. All choreography is his own).