Palm to Forehead

Mom, where is your brain? Up there? 

There was a huge storm in the area Monday night that we somehow completely slept through. We had no idea anything had happened until Chris checked his phone and saw missed alerts from school to take cover. When the boys and I went on our daily walk, we saw exactly how crazy it was that we didn't stir one bit. Trees are completely uprooted on our street and in the neighborhood and on top of power lines or houses, gravestones broken from fallen trees, trees blocking roads and just so much damage everywhere, not just our neighborhood. 

I hope this story doesn't seem insensitive when others in the area are wading their way through repairs, but I'm just intending to let you know how silly I can be. We were fortunate enough to not lose power. Only our cable and internet fell victim to the wind. Tuesday I didn't call to check when it would be fixed because the storm had just happened, and not having internet is not a big deal when people all around you are without power.  Come Wednesday, I started calling because I work from home a few hours a week, and I kind of wanted a loose timeline to be able to give my boss. I kept calling Comcast only to hear, "Service to your area will be restored at 11:17am." The next time 11:17pm. Cool. That night when we were going to bed, I heard the tv come on downstairs, which would have been very creepy had I not been expecting it. So the cable worked, but still not internet. I tried to reset the modem and router with my clumsy fingers. I called in the morning, and whatever person told me that our internet should be coming that morning. Yay! But, nothing. I called again, and the guy said that internet had been restored in the area. He ran diagnostics on our equipment and nada. No working wireless. The rest of the day involved waiting on callbacks from Comcast, not getting calls, and calling back multiple times and pre-emptively dialing all the correct numbers to each prompt and weaseling my way into an appointment this afternoon. 

This afternoon the nice Comcast man came to see us. Right away he saw that the internet was working, but the things that weren't working weren't covered by them. He mentioned that the router, the expensive, high quality router that my brother-in-law got, was probably fried. I tried not to freak out, especially because a broken router when people are dealing with literally broken homes is not that big of a deal. Mr. Comcast was nice enough to try to unplug and plug the router. I kept giving Chris annoyed, wide-eyed looks anticipating the router's dreaded diagnosis. 

"Oh. The router is turned off."


Palm to forehead. Palm to forehead, indeed.