Line 'em up.

Whenever I hear stories of toddlers obsessively putting things in order, I always furrow my brow and think, "Yeah, I just have no experience with that," because it is kind of obvious Ryan spends most of his time with me, the one who seems to chant, "This looks lived-in. Homes should be lived-in," when surveying the house that has no semblance of order. Despite that, I have been seeing little peeks into a life with an orderly toddler lately.

Here he told me, "Dey getting a bwessing, Mom." (So he does pay attention during Mass!).

After telling him that Dad's baseball game was on Sunday, I found him telling his dinosaurs and animals, "Evewyone cheer for Daddy!" The practice cheering seemed to pay off because at the baseball game today, he lined them up with Chris was catching. "Dat's my dad!" Ryan cheered over and over. Chris' team got their first win. Good job, dinosaurs.

 Happy Sunday!