For easiness and peace, peaceful easiness at least!

This is one of my favorite photos of Laura and me from finals week during freshman year. 

I've kind of over committed myself as I normally do, but thankfully I have a husband who suggests leftovers when he knows I am pressed for time, I weirdly feel guilty when we order out and that I don't want either of us to clean up the inevitable mountain of dishes that comes as a side with all my home-cooked meals. And thankfully, I have a best friend who writes poems for me on the fly when she knows that I'm treading in a sea of wrinkly shirts and much more pressing matters. 

She's the best, and so is this little poem that helps bring me peace with each piece of clothing. I hope it does the same for you (insert your little ones' names for Ryan and Conor, of course):

For easiness and peace, peaceful easiness at least,
For easy peaceful easing peace...

Sing your songs as the day is long, sing your songs the while,
Sing your songs to clear the fog and poof! the laundry pile :)

Hum a bit as Ryan sits and Conor naps and lays,
Hum a bit and tap around and shoe () the stress away.

Make the kitchen a room to dance, a space to let life flow,
And flow along from room to room and peacefulness you'll know.

When time is short and ughhhhs are long just start to sing once more
Sing again make dance your friend and easy peace bring in the door!

More of Laura's excellent poetry can be found here. She's great.