Who needs bath toys?

Seeing Ryan and Conor interact more and more is so cool. It is so neat. Those descriptions are so basic and not like my usual overly flowery attempts, but that is because they just are that. Neat and cool. Neat to me is watching Ryan automatically play peek-a-boo with a crying Conor in the car with no prompting from me. Cool to me is seeing Ryan hear Conor's tell tale shriek of what I'm sure means to say, "I HAVE A VOICE AND I'VE JUST DISCOVERED IT, LET ME RUPTURE YOUR EARDRUMS, PLEASE! YAY!" and come running out of the play room yelping, "Hey! Conor's awake! Conor's awake!" It's not always happy between the two, but when it is, it is indeed neat and cool.

Here is a peek into life with Ryan and Conor in which hitting a bathtub wall is more fun than our normal posse of bath toys.
Who needs bath toys? from Katrina on Vimeo.
Thanks for humoring this new mama to two. I just really like them.