My Everyday Makeup Routine + Younique 3D Fiber Lashes GIVEAWAY!

My mom does not wear any makeup, she never really has. Growing up in the Philippines, she always avoided the sun so now she still has soft, healthy and impeccable skin at the age of ... well she probably wouldn't want me to say, but she looks much younger than her age! Since she was never into makeup and I don't have an older sister, I had to teach myself once I was finally allowed to wear the stuff when I started high school. I cringe at how insecure I was! I was as insecure as you could be. I remember putting a mirror in my locker, and during the few minutes we got to change our morning books for our afternoon books, I would reapply my foundation powder, mascara, lip gloss, the whole she-bang. I want to bang my head on my keyboard just remembering that.

It gets worse since I would normally get up too late to put my makeup on at home so I would put it on in the car while my brother drove us to school. I would put on my tinted moisturizer with my fingers, but not wipe my hands after doing so. So then we would get to school I would pick up my backpack with my makeup covered hands and sling it onto my shoulders. Then during first period English class, I would notice that the shoulder of my white uniform polo shirt was brown. I was so embarrassed that I looked like Pig Pen, and I had no clue what was making it that way. This went on for a few weeks until I realized that oh! It's your attempt at blanketing your insecurity that's residing on your arm!

(The positive that came out of putting makeup on in the car is that Chris can fake slam on the brakes all he wants while I apply mascara. My brother beat him to it, and I have a steady wand-arm to show for it).

I don't know if it is that I wore makeup too soon so I burnt out on using tons or if I just wised up and only used makeup to accentuate rather than cover, but I started to use much less after a few years. It's more of a let-me-spruce-up fun thing rather than a need. It's a pick-me-up rather than a hide-me-from-the-world tactic. Here is what I have been using as of late for my simple five product everyday (I use everyday very loosely here since some days nothing graces my face) routine:
1. Younique Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel. I went to high school with Brittany's younger brother, she was in my brother's grade, and her little sister was in my sister's grade. Our families match up. She generously sent me this moisturizer, and it is, well, brilliant. Chris has been in California for a week now and his trip has coincided with Ryan getting a stomach bug and throwing up starting in the wee hours of the night (he is all better now!) and Conor teething and teething and teething. The boys and I are in Ohio which is an indescribable help, but the two nights before we left, I got a total of six hours of sleep because I'm of those wives who just can't sleep without my husband. I know. Come on, Katrina.

Anyway, back to the Brilliant Daily Moisturizer Gel. I started using it right when Chris left, and I really believe it is what is keeping me from looking completely run down. My skin feels hydrated all day, and I love that it has SPF 15. I'm not currently pregnant so any glow that I have had recently is coming from its restorative and revitalizing goodness. It doesn't feel oily, and it doesn't leave a greasy residue. The gel is made with natural silver, ginseng and pearl powder from freshwater pearls.

2. Bronzer. I have been using the same NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in All Over Bronze Glow probably since Ryan was a baby, and I was at Target in need of some bronzer and this was the cheapest option in the aisle. I apply it with a blush brush just under my cheekbones.

3. Transparent Powder. I just use the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Transparent to take away the shine on my nose.

4. Hare Magic Moroccan Color Changing Lipstick. I discovered this from Sydney of the The Daybook last November, and ordered it lippity-split. I have pale, pale lips so I am a sucker for lip products that stay on and give some life to my face. It is green in the tube, but then it reacts to the pH balance and temperature of your lips and changes to a reddish-pinkish color. The shade is different for everyone! This magic stays on without cracking the best of any I have tried. I think I rub my lips together more than the average person so it comes off eventually, but I love how I can kiss my babies without it leaving lip marks all over them, as cute as that could be. The best part - it is so inexpensive!

I also like Revlon Just Bitten Kissing Balm Stain, Smitten is my favorite of the colors.

5. Lash (wink), but not least: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes. Brittany was also kind enough to send this mascara over my way, and this is the best eye product I have ever used since I started wearing makeup. The fiber lashes come with two parts: the transplanting gel and the fibers.

I just curl my short Asian lashes with an eyelash curler, put a coat of regular mascara on (you can skip this if you want) then I put on a coat of the transplanting gel which looks like mascara. Before that dries, you apply the natural fibers to your eyelashes (it looks like a regular mascara wand) and the fibers extend your lashes. Then you put another coat of the transplanting gel to secure the fibers. Voila! 
My naked face (with some leftover sunburn) and then with the 3D Fiber Lashes.  

The length and volume really are amazing, and I wouldn't be recommending it if I didn't love it. This is the first mascara that I have used that does not smudge at all. The mascaras that I have used normally start to create a gray ring under my eyes, and they end up turned a flaky dark gray before the day is over. The 3D Fiber lashes even lasted through two crying sessions in the same day - one during an emotional Parenthood episode and one during an overwhelmed moment. I was shocked when I saw myself in the mirror afterward ... my eyelashes were still long and curled and black, black, black. There was not a smudge to be seen. Ha, late last night I even woke my sister up right after she had dozed off to sleep to show her, "See! My eyelashes still look great!" 

Bottom of the lash line, this mascara is the best out there.

If you have any questions about the Brilliant Moisturizer, the 3D Fiber Lashes or any of the other Younique products, I know that Brittany would absolutely love talking to you. You can visit her Younique page here to order and use this contact page to reach her.

What's your everyday makeup routine? Anyone have some funny makeup stories? Would you like some of the 3D Fiber Lashes? Brittany is giving away a set of the 3D Fiber Lashes! This is a $29 value! Just visit her site and check out the other Younique products, and then come back here and comment on the blog what you product you would want most in addition to the 3D Fiber Lashes to help your everyday makeup routine. 

Good luck!! 

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