Yepp Child Bike Seat GIVEAWAY!

Disclaimer: I am not receiving payment or goods for this blog post. I just truly love this product, and I wanted to give my readers an opportunity to love it, too!

I've never been a bike person. Sure, I would love when my dad would take us on a bike ride on the bike trail in our city, but that bike trail is very flat and the event always ended in McDonald's frozen yogurt cones. When Chris' awesome aunt, Chris and I were planning their visit to France, she kindly insisted that we do the highly recommended Paris Night Bike Tour and that she pay for it. I'm not going to lie - I looked forward to their visit, but I was terrified of biking in a city. Keeping up with a group and biking in the company of cars made me lose an embarrassing amount of sleep. In the end though, it was breathtaking, so fun, and I lived. 

That trip still didn't make me a bike person though. Chris was really excited for bike rides with Ryan last summer, and being the mean wife and mom I am, most of his suggestions on the bike topic were answered with a, "That's fine." We all know that fine does not mean fine. Chris researched, read reviews and found the best child bike seat available. It was even on sale! I took one look, saw that it was not a rear bike seat like the one my mom had, and huffed and puffed and said no. I'm such a trailblazer! I ordered a normal, cheaper bike seat. It arrived, and lo and behold, it did not fit on my bike. It could have maybe fit if I had my seat at the highest setting, but I am a scaredy-cat biker who needs to be able to put both my feet flat on the ground at the slightest feeling of being off-balance. No tippy-toe bike balancing over here. We used it a bit on Chris' bike and David's bike, but since it didn't fit on my bike, it didn't make any sense to keep it when I was going to be the one with Ryan most of the time. I sent it back and ordered a different rear bike seat. That one was a no go as well. Finally, I begrudgingly ordered Chris' original pick - the Yepp Mini Front Child Bicycle Seat

It was a bike ride changer. 

I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I fell in love with this seat as much as you can with an inanimate object! Maybe I was an easy sell because Ryan (and now Conor) screaming when placed in a car seat and continuing that scream for hours on end left me with no love for car seats, and strollers normally meant pushing an empty stroller while chasing Ryan around while he chased the infamous grouchy geese on campus or pushing a still empty stroller while hefting heavy and tired Ryan around. Regardless, I loved and do love it so much that I overcame my lukewarm feelings toward biking. 

Most importantly, Ryan loved the bike seat. He loved being out in front with the best view and "steering" the bike by holding onto the handle bar. 

Here is more on why the seat has all my love and adoration. 

+ Easy install - we are not handy dandy people (I can imagine Chris reading that and throwing his hands up in the air with utter disapproval), and it was still easy for us. 
+ Easy transfer - we bought this so we could have Ryan ride on Chris' bike when we met him for lunch on campus and on any other family bike rides. Even the other day when we went on a ride, the bike seat was on my bike, I was pulling the no-time-to-make-dinner-card, I was almost to the beginning of the really long line at Chipotle, Chris and Ryan were waiting outside, and Chris' brother was going to be on TV playing rugby in five minutes. Chris simply pushed the button, pulled the lever, and, boom, transferred the seat to his bike. (Sorry, Brad, I missed the first few minutes of the game). 
+ Comfortable for Ryan - The rubber material is so soft, and it was comfortable enough for Ryan to lullaby him to sleep every day as we made our way home after a morning playing on campus. 
+ Comfortable for me I am 5'6", and the seat didn't crowd my legs at all. The same goes for Chris, but he is taller than I am, if you couldn't tell. 
+ Safe - the material is also shock-resistant and the bike seat is very sturdy. The straps are adjustable and the clip is not flimsy. The weight distribution is more over the center of the bike than rear mounted bike seats. 
+ Well - balanced - it is natural to think that this seat would make the bike off-balance, but that is not that case at all. I feel perfectly balanced with it in front, and that is saying a lot coming from scaredy-feline me. 
+ Easy to clean. - There are no annoying crevices that gather all the dirt in the world.
+ Able to be locked - Even though the seat is easy to take off, it can be locked with the provided key. 
+ Made my life easier - I guess this is for biking in general, but my life is so much simpler when we bike. To save money, we try to follow a rule to not drive to campus when the weather is nice. We stay active, save pennies and the big one - we can park our bikes right next to whatever building we go to! It also cut down on our get-out-the-door time because nothing makes Ryan more willing to be a cooperative toddler than a bike ride. I cannot wait for Conor to turn 9 months so we can take him for a spin. 

I biked Ryan around in the Yepp Mini until I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant (my midwife said I was okay to bike as long as I still felt comfortable and able to balance). After that, it was too cold for us to want to go out and brave the South Bend wind (Although if we had gotten the windshield, which really makes you look like a serious bike, maybe I would have biked up to the very, very end ... but not TO the hospital. I'm not that crazy in love ;) ). I am the last person who would have ever thought that I would bike while pregnant. 

Now that Ryan is just at the max limit of 33lbs, I am eyeing the Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bike Seat. I know it will be high quality, we will use it all the time, and the ability to easily transfer from bike to bike is so key for us and completely worth it. 

Okay, I think I have gushed about this seat enough so now we get to the good part ...

I have been so incredibly excited about this hosting this giveaway since AIKA-for Dutch urban cycling generously offered to give the lucky winner $230 (!!!) toward Yepp products on their site. Yepp Mini Front Child Bike Seats go for $159.99, and Yepp Maxi Rear child bike seats range from $199.99 to $229.99. The $230 can also go toward Yepp accessories. Simply click here to visit their shop, and then come back here and comment what child bike seat you would choose and what color. If you don't have children, but would love to get one for any child in your life, enter away! Yepp bike seats are sure to send you to the top of the best-present-giver charts. 

So which bike seat would you choose? What color? Who is it for? 

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway so as the sweet English mom at the playground says, "Ready, steady, go!" 

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