FRESHLY PICKED Moccasins Giveaway!

Thank you, thank you for all of the kind comments on yesterday's post. I feel like I got so many hugs of solidarity, and those are really good hugs to get. Thank you.

Talking about socks or shoes that stay on is the parent version of talking about the weather. There is a lot of forced small talk at social hot spots like the playground because babies and toddlers don't exactly get that their shy, introverted mom would prefer that they somehow not cause her to surpass her daily limit of meeting new people (oh the horror, Katrina ... ). 

Let's say it were just Chris and I at a hypothetical summer picnic work function of his, and he went to wash his hands after eating food that had the slightest bit of grease in its contents as he always must do. I would be awkwardly sitting by a person I'd never met who seems nice. Eventually the silence would be awkward enough that even I couldn't handle it so this would happen: 

Me: This is a great picnic. 
Nice Stranger: Oh it is. The food is great. 
Me: Thank goodness the sun is out. The weather can be so finicky.

Now let's say I'm at the playground with Ryan and Conor. Conor is sitting on my hip with my hair in his fists, and Ryan is perched at the top of the slide enjoying the view and creating quite the traffic jam during the park rush hour. All the parents are waiting for their kids to whoosh! down the slide, and we are waiting and waiting and exchanging ages of our kids and the like until we get to ...

Nice Stranger: Oh those are the cutest socks.
Me: Oh thanks. The best part is that they stay on! 

Socks and shoes that stay on ... the highly sought after holy grail of parents to wee ones. 

Well, I'm turning into a sort of Indiana Jones because I have found shoes that will stay on little feet. Freshly Picked kindly sent Conor some moccasins for his chubby feet last week, and I love them. I'm more of a barefoot baby kind of mom, but summer is playing hide-and-seek with us. The socks that stayed on Ryan so well are losing their magic, and ne'er an outing goes by without someone shouting, "Ma'am! Is this your baby's sock?" These moccasins are a wonderful solution to keep his little piggies warm when the sun is behind the clouds, yet they are still light on his feet when the sun is blazing.

Each moccasin is hand made with excellent craftsmanship out of incredibly soft, durable leather, and I do really appreciate that Conor will be able to still feel his feet on the ground rather than having a thick, chunky sole. I chose the Weathered Brown color since we attempt to be boringly minimal, and I thought this leather would be the most versatile with the clothes that we have. So far, so good, and if it doesn't match ... he's probably going to drool all over the outfit anyway. These moccs have been baptized by drool already, and they are still in tip top shape. 

I do also want to say that I'm a sucker for a good business story, and I have been telling Chris about Susan's story since I first read about it a couple years ago. It is a great entrepreneur story. 

I'm so excited to have these moccasins for Conor even though now I will have to expand my parenting small talk past socks that stay on ;)

Freshly Picked is generously giving away one pair of moccasins to one of my blog readers! Would you like some for your son or daughter? Or whatever baby you have in your life? To enter, please visit their shop and then come back and leave a blog comment stating what color of moccasins you would like to choose. There are thirty-six colors! If I were to get another pair, I would have to go with the Prince George because I love that blue, and I love the royal family

So what color would you choose? And are you a fan of forced introductions via children? Or am I the only introvert at the park? 
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