Do you want your kids to smile in a family photo?

Then, pass them off to someone else!

Here I am with my hefty two:
One mama, two side-eyes
And then here is our friend, Kaitlin, this past weekend: 
She looks like she could be their mother ... except Ryan is smiling. 
Here is our attempt at a family photo with the Chicago skyline (thank you to our friend, Coleman, for snapping the shots and perfectly setting my camera on manual for the first time ever without making me feel like the camera-idiot that I am) ...
Not too shabby, but Conor is still embarrassed to have us as parents

And here are our friends, Tom and Liz, with our baby. 
A picture frame family. 

I rustled up a bunch of other comparisons, but they all bring the same conclusion: a family photo with everyone smiling is an elusive feat that I'm more-than-okay with never reaching if that means I have little ones around and my husband who just happens to have little patience for photos.

Other family photos here and here. We are good at getting everyone at their happiest angle, no?