Yes Sir, Mom!

We are trying to teach Ryan to answer, "Yes, Sir," and, "Yes, Ma'am," and when appropriate, the negative of the two. Call us old-fashioned or call us my dad was in the military, my mom's native language even has a cousin a year younger using a word of respect, and Chris' family hails from Texas. Old-fashioned is shorter. He has, "Yes, Sir," down pat during the tiniest portion of time he isn't saying, "No!" or "Um. I don't sink so. Not wight now," or the replacement to, "I a boy," ... "I tired." When he is answering me, he says, "Yes, Sir Mom." I never even want to correct him because it reminds me of our honeymoon when we were greeted by every genuinely happy resort worker with, "Hi, Sir, Ma'am!" or more accurately, "HiSirMa'am!" So you can keep calling me, "Sir," kid.

Allow to me walk down memory lane. Thanks.

Our honeymoon was the second biggest surprise of my life (you take the cake, Ryan). I don't remember where we got the idea, but we decided early on that I would not know where Chris was taking me. I guess it makes sense that we never find out the sex of the baby whenever I am pregnant! I know how good true surprises are. Anyway, I could not believe it when Chris showed me our destination at the airport:

Chris flew us out to the Philippines, and then our friend, Jaime, and his family so generously hosted us for almost two weeks! We are forever in debt to them and their generosity!

Here are a few of my favorite photos: 

Was your honeymoon a surprise? Tell me where you went!