The Best Handheld Vacuum - Cheerio, Cheerios!

I always love and appreciate how honest and blunt Grace is about big, bad sponsored posts. So! I'm going to follow in her great example, and say it up front: BLACK+DECKER kindly sponsored this post. However, these opinions are my own, and there will be an ample amount of rambling sentences and cringe-worthy puns all written while sitting on my freshly clean stairs that normally plague me with their dust bunny mess. Thanks for learning more about this great product if you choose to do so! We really do appreciate it. 
Ryan is a tornado, but you know who really is a tornado? ME. There are still some dishes next to the sink from Easter, that stack of clothes I mentioned when I showed you how much of a mom ordinaire I am is still there in the living room, and I just unpacked our suitcase two days ago from our trip to Texas two weekends ago. Housekeeping is not my strong suit, but I'm hoping my homemaking isn't too bad. 

The funny thing is that I manage a weekend rental property for my father-in-law. Managing = marketing, correspondence and, ironically, a whole lot of cleaning. I take pride in how clean I get the place. Now if only I could do that when the cleaning is for me. I normally run into two cleaning-blocks most of the time.  First, I build a mountain out of a dirty-bowl-hill or the like and think it will take much longer than it really will, thus putting it off and letting it terribly annoy me until I have a big chunk of time. Second, I get distracted by my Cheerio-spiller or his little brother or some appliance beeping or a text or call or email or daydream. Distraction, you are my rarely clean house's enemy. 

Since BLACK+DECKER sent the Pilot Vac, it has helped me make those cleaning-blocks step aside. I know that it does a good job quickly so it won't take a long to suck up all that flour that was flung around making cinnamon rolls or the remnants of Ryan's favorite bee-bowl from Pot-le. (You would think since it is his favorite food, more of it would get into his mouth ...). Another added bonus? Its small size makes it a great size for my tornado of a toddler. Teaching responsibility young (I hope) and distracting the mess-maker. 

This cordless vac made it almost effortless when I did a quick touch up of before our Easter guests arrived, and it has helped me maintain a cleaner house. The nozzle pivots easily to clean up high, down low and even in tight spaces when I don't want to move furniture (which is always). Chris is already happy that I no longer declare that I'm going to clean the Portillo's on the floor of the car and then leave it for weeks. Pivot Vac, you are adding even more spark to the relationship

It has been the best handheld vacuum for everyday messes, and I really am so excited to use it when cleaning for rental weekends. Stairs are no fun to deep-clean with a corded vacuum. Have you ever had a vacuum come apart when you pulled it a little too strong while attempting to untangle the extension cord? My cleaning mojo bit the dust with that one. 

So! Would you like a little housekeeping help in the form of a BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac valued at $79.99? Just click here, and then come back and tell me in a comment how the Pivot Vac would help you clean. 

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a Rafflecopter giveaway Thank you in advance!