Sunday Afternoon Not-Funnies

Wild child.
You have your Saturday morning cartoons, and then here I am with Sunday afternoon not-funny-at-all-okay-maybe-funny-because-they-aren't-funny-things-that-come-out-of-my-mouth.Whew!

On Friday, Chris and I were lucky enough to go to lunch with a sweet couple at one of the cafes on campus. (A welcomed extension of that lunch came today in the form of chocolate cupcakes when Chris received his prize for being on the winning side of a bet that was made during lunch. Just remember, if someone has a Y chromosome and if he was born before 1990, he has seen Star Wars. Thanks, Jordan, for not knowing that ;) ).

Anyway, I'm not exactly gifted with the spoken word. A lot of times when we are in a social setting like on Friday, I think I have a marvelous thought and so I go about awkwardly attempting eloquence. However, my genius thought bubble is soon popped, and while I hear myself ramble nonsensically, all I can think is, "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.Shut up." 

(Now I'm thinking, "Stop typing. Stop typing. Stop typing. Stop typing," but I will forge on in the name of laughing with myself).

So after pondering that normality after we left lunch on Friday when I rambled and rambled myself into a deep hole, I tried to think of a few lighter instances when my word purge was comical. Comical in this sense means I was so not funny that I think it was a little funny. If you followed that, blog claps for you! And with that, I give you: my Sunday afternoon not-funnies.
After my sister's basketball team lost, and we didn't know if they were going to make the championship round, I asked, "Ummm do they have a bracket for the smaller people?"

Oh, a loser's bracket.
After Ryan had an ass-i-dent on my lap, I looked at Chris and exclaimed, "I'm the pee's knees!
Becca's dad was visiting, and we were drinking wine. My comment was supposed to be that I hadn't drank wine often in a long time because I have been pregnant twice in the last three years. It came out as, "Well I drink wine, but then I get pregnant." Ahhhh I didn't even need alcohol to make me blush after that one!
Aaaaan nap time is over so we will cut this short. You're welcome.

Happy Sunday, dear readers!