Likes and Shares

Happy Sunday! We are reorganizing a lot around our home. Slowly. Veeeeeery slowly. Here are the links that have been distracting me from all the work that I should be doing. 

+ I've been so impressed and moved by Beth and her family's faith and composure during Rebecca's short life on Earth. If you could send a few prayers, their way as they live one day at a time, I'm sure it would be appreciated!

+ I know this is old news since Hallie, Grace, Ana and okay pretty everyone already agrees she is amazing, but as I stated on Facebook, Blythe is SO my mom crush. I made Chris watch this video no less than four times in a row ... and that was just during the first hour of my discovering it. I also convinced Ryan to think it was better than his daily post-nap Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fix, and his adamant, "Again!" showed that he agreed. Blythe, I want to come hang. 

+ I also thought Kendra's reply to the YouTube comments was spot-on, as to be expected. 

+ I really should just put a permanent disclaimer at the top of this blog that states, "If you want to read about how I'm feeling about anything in life in coherent English and with excellent writing style, head over to Kate." She nailed it on the head about cooking and life at the moment, as she always does. 

+ Geena, my future sister-in-law, made a chuckle-worthy list of 20 signs you're from a big family. I'm not personally from a big immediate family, but I laughed that I was able to connect with her description of #16 with Conor being born at the same time his Uncle Ciaran was learning to walk.

+ The baby shower that Tess' family threw her was just too adorable. My favorite part are the little popcorn favors that say, "Theresa is ready to pop!" I'm can't wait to hear that the baby has arrived! 

+ Martha post on babies making PhD life easier is splendid. She thinks it is sappy, but I think it is juuuuust right.

+ Speaking of babies, Declan was born on one of my favorite days out of the whole year. High five, Colleen for the excellent Irish name and cute baby ;).

+ Anna is using her talents in a beautiful way to help raise money for Mission Santa Maria which helps children in Ecuador get much needed education, food, healthcare and shelter. One $15 pack of the prints sends a child to school for one month! Get 'em while they are hot.

+ Congratulations to Olivia on the new blog design! And for her big life changes. There is another baby that I can't wait to hear about! 

+ This is so very late, but welcome to the world, Madeline Elizabeth! I really hope the next time I'm in Dallas I'll be able to meet that sweet little baby and her parents! Hint, hint, Joanna

+ I really enjoyed Lauren's piece about blog names. Sometimes I cringe about mine. It is wordy. As Chris' uncle said, "I don't think Katrina picked a long enough name." (Hi, Uncle Quinn!). Anyway, I love it for the meaning behind it

+ I worked with Kha freshman year at the 24 hr restaurant on campus, and he definitely inspired me to take more pride in the art of pizza making. He and his friend has started a great new blog about Philadelphia, Barefoot Philadelphia! They update it all the time, and I always want to explore the city after reading it. 

+ Congratulations to Regina, Jim and family on expecting nΓΊmero cuatro

+ I cried reading Jenny's story about the time John Paul II saved her from herself. It's a good read! I wish I could have been a stowaway in her suitcase for today's momentous events. 

+ Another welcome to the world to Phoebe Patton!! Congratulations to the whole wonder family

+ Four days left to enter the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac giveaway! Go, go, go.