Mom Ordinaire

The other day Chris and I were discussing one of my brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-string things, blogging, and I mentioned bloggers that seem like they have it all together. Now, he didn't mean to offend me, but he kind of did when he commented that he thought people who read my blog could think that. What!

Now, I don't think Chris would exactly score an 800 on a critical mom blog reading SAT test, and most of my readership consists of family + friends who know that I normally have a what-in-the-world-is-going-on look going on. Still ... in case anyone has the wrong impression and thinks that all the fitted sheets are folded perfectly in my linen closet instead of lumpy piles, I want to share some photo blogumentation of instances that are just a few out of many. 
Yesterday Chris came home and teasingly observed, "Hey! You have one almost dressed child if you put them together."

^^^ Put 'em together and what've you got? Bippity-boppity-still-missing-pants-boo!

^^^ Chris snapped this one before he went back to work one day. I had settled down to work from home, and the living room looked toy-free for the first time in a week. However, that stack of clothes on the floor behind me? Those were supposed to go up on eBay ... two weeks ago. The plate in the folder in the giant stack of papers is from Ryan's snack in the morning. There are stickers covering the end table in the background. The tissues in the tissue box are all restuffed in there after a certain someone took them all out. I'm still in flannel pajama pants at two in the afternoon, and there is not a spot of makeup on my face.

But I did end up changing my pants by 5pm! 

I changed into yoga pants.

^^^ Last week, we invited Chris' friends from RCIA over for dinner, and of course, the kids brought out their brooms, and witching hour coincided with the mad dash to get everything done. Maybe if their brooms were Nimbus 2000s, they wouldn't be so clingy during that not-so-magic house, but nonetheless, I found myself wearing Conor on my back, chopping potatoes for potato soup, tossing them into the pot on the stove to my right and singing with Ryan while he took a sink bath to my left. Don't worry, I scrubbed the potatoes before Ryan deemed the sink as luxurious as a claw foot tub.
^^^ My golden moment: the scene thirty minutes before I had to leave for a short office meeting. I am still in a sweatshirt, and I am wearing Conor on my back while pumping. It's a good thing that part is out of the photo. I am trying to eat a late breakfast for lunch while Ryan is standing pantsless on the toilet dancing to the rhythm of my pump while shouting about coloring on his "briefcase."

There we have it!

Care to share your moments like these? Please? I'm all eyes.