How To Get Rid of Cradle Cap

Both of our boys have come home wearing Notre Dame stocking caps. In fact, Ryan's little blue hat was the only baby item that Chris took a gamble on and purchased before we had the baby.
So those were their first caps. The second cap for both of them was none other than cradle cap, those pesky and harmless scales that build up and that are very obvious when you produce babies who terribly lack manes or even the slightest bit of fuzz. I use two different methods to get rid of cradle cap, and I think both work equally well. It all just depends on where I am when I decide that I can finally make the time for the cradle cap on the baby I'm cradling in my arms. If I am in the kitchen, I grab the baking soda. If I am in the bathroom, I grab the coconut oil.

Cradle Cap Remedy - Coconut oil
1. Gently rub coconut oil onto the affected area of the scalp. Make sure to work it in well.
2. Let the oil set for a bit as it loosens the scales.
3. Take a soft infant brush (or I just use my fingernails if I can't find my brush) and gently rub the baby's scalp in small circles. The scales will easily come off. Continue until the cradle cap is gone.
- Depending on the length of your baby's hair, you may need to bathe the baby after cradle cap removal. Coconut oil is not very greasy, and my babies don't have much hair so I was able to wait until their regular times to bathe.

Cradle Cap Remedy - Baking soda
1. Make a paste by mixing one part baking soda and one part water.
2. Rub the paste onto the affected area of the scalp.
3. Let rest on the scalp for a five to ten minutes.
4. Rinse off, being careful to avoid getting it in your baby's eyes.
5. Gently brush the area with the soft brush. The scales should come off easily.

And voila! Now the only cap your baby will be wearing will have to do with cold weather cuddles for them and hot chocolate for you.

Moms, how do you get rid of cradle cap?