7 Quick Takes

Conor is becoming desensitized to the smothering. 
1. Congrats to everyone going to the Edel Gathering! I'm bummed I can't make it down, but I'm happy for everyone who gets to party and r-e-la-x in Austin.

2. Silence is both very appreciated and very feared. Yesterday I thought to myself that it was too quiet which meant that Ryan was up to no good. I saw the pantry door open, and my automatic guess was that the little monkey had gotten into the potty-training candy. Nope. He was standing on a stool and eating straight sugar. Oh honey, honey.

3. Going off of #2, you can see why I hid the brownies I baked a few days ago waaaaaaay up high:

4. This week started off with two embarrassing moments. The first happened when Ryan had an "ass-i-dent," at Ana's right before we left. I felt so prepared because I actually had an extra pair of pants and underwear in my purse. Good job, Mom. I pulled down Ryan's soiled clothing items right there in the living room only to see sweet Bernadette's blue eyes become saucers and her neck streeeeetch to see where boys are absolutely different from girls. Bah! Clueless mom to no girls moment. To Ana and Mike and your patience with answering any questions that may have followed: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I hope baby #4 is a boy.

5. The next day, I took the boys to the local Asian market where I buy my big 25 lb bag of jasmine rice, seaweed wraps and coconut milk for half the price it goes for in grocery stores. The new owner was so very nice and even gave me advice for cooking. While we were checking out, and I was putting the items on the belt, Ryan was juuuust close enough touch the waving gold cat figurine that was on the counter. Of course, it fell and broke. Oh, I was so embarrassed, and I felt so bad! I asked if it was a good luck charm, and the owner said it was and that his sister had given it to him when he took over the store. I insisted on paying for it, but I still feel horrible.

(I guess the waving cats are pretty widespread because I did see them on an episode of Sherlock this week!).

6. Enough of embarrassing moments. Let's talk about cool moments. I ran into Kathryn last weekend, and while we were chatting, I noticed her absolutely breathtaking engagement ring, and I don't normally notice jewelry. It was exactly how I imagined a ring that a friend had told me about it college. I remember we were in our dorm, and Elliott was telling us about a girl's ring that had been designed by her fiance to resemble a cathedral, and the engravings were based on Ephesians 5:25. It was one of those stories where everyone is silent after because you don't even know how to react to something so utterly perfect. Obviously I thought this was noteworthy, impressive and just flat out amazing because I still remember it years later, and I had never even seen the ring. Once I saw Kathryn's ring, I had to interrupt her to ask if she knew Elliott, and she and her husband had complementary engravings on the inside.

The girl from the story and Kathryn are one in the same. Kathryn, in your next blog post, you can write about how your ring's reputation precedes you ;).

7. I'm bookmarking this blog post about what it means to date to share with our boys when the times comes. I can already see the eye rolls coming from them, but I really liked it.

Happy Weekend! 

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