Whoa, I Wrote a Book

Okay, not really. 

I didn't write a book. I wrote this blog, post by post, and my mother-in-law had it made into a book for my Christmas present.

Santa needs to hire her as a present chooser for those children who don't know what they want for Christmas. I could not believe it when I realized what it was!

I cannot recommend printing your blog enough. The thought never crossed my mind, but now I am smitten. I know I can click through my blog any time if I want a surf the yester-net, but it is so neat to have a tangible book. It makes this blog feel real. I have enjoyed leafing through it these past couple of weeks. 

It has also given me a much needed blog-esteem boost in a time of doubts. I'm always nervous to publish any posts, and a lot of times, I wonder if people will be able to interpret the grammar-less run on sentences that marathon out of my head and through my typing fingers. Ha. But as I've rediscovered posts that I've forgotten about, it has been so fun to furrow my brow over a sentence to think about the memory behind it. I'm reminded that this blog is the narrative of our family from my silly perspective, and I love it that way. If I stressed over subjunctive adverbs while documenting a sneaky toddler, not a single post would ever be finished. Ever.

My book is just over 330 pages long. When I think about how the blog posts I find the time to write are just a small glimpse into our life and yet they took up 330 pages in a large book, I'm struck with happiness. Our life is so full!

She used Blog2Print on SharedBook. Head on over there.

(This post is not sponsored in any way ... I just love it so much, I wanted to share!).