What would Mary Bailey do?

Thank you to Small Fry Blog, Casey Wiegand, Kelli Murray, In Honor of Design, Little Baby Garvin, Summer Saldana, Oh Dear Drea for hosting this Making 2014 Count  link-up that has given me a kick in the blogging behind to put things in type.

When we were engaged, I used to swap out the names on this poster. Starring Chris Harrington and Katrina Corcoran!
I was in the fifth grade when the world was counting down to the big 2-0-0-0.  Every school in the nation was making shoebox time capsules, and I doodled Y2K in every notebook I owned. My new year's resolution definitely matched the new millenium's grandeur; I made the goal to not repeat a hairstyle in a week. Yep. Aaaand it is the only New Year's resolution that I have ever kept the whole year (even though I got really lax and changing hairbands qualified as a different hairstyle and basketball practice ponytails didn't count). Although I do feel like I am in a bit of a hair rut full of tangled knots and dry shampoo, the closest my hair will get to the annual self promises this time is when I twirl my hair around my finger while I ponder what is yet to come this year of 2014.

This year is different from others because we know there will be a big shift in our life. We aren't wondering if there will be, we know. It is very exciting, but exciting doesn't completely mask the anxiety of what we imagine may lie ahead, if that makes any sense at all. 

We watched George Bailey become the richest man in town on Christmas Eve like we always do. As I sat there snuggled next to my moon lasso-er, I came to the realization that two women that I aspire to be like every day share the same name, Mary. I think it is pretty obvious who the first Mary is. Mary Hatch Bailey is the second. 

I want to create a home in the midst of cobwebs, I want my confidence that I always have in my husband to be plain to see, I want to constantly care for my family and I want to do it with grace. I don't want to just be a strong woman, I want to be a strong lady.

So this 2014, I'm going to have regular resolutions like not making my children be my alarm clock like I have for the past two years, putting my phone down, eating something else than carbs, and remembering to find God in the pots and pans, but I am also going to strive to be the Mary Bailey that my George Bailey and my Pete and Tommy deserve. Who knows when we will get Janie and Zuzu, but I'll be excited when we do!

It's a wonderful life, isn't it? 

And so that is my word for the year.