Good Morning to You!

As much as I appreciate the company, someone give these and all of their counterparts a homing device.

It has been a harried few days where I have been harrassed by a certain giant mountain of a laundry pile every time I walked into the laundry room until yesterday morning when I moved it to our bedroom. What is that saying? "Let her sleep for when she wakes, she will move mountains." Well, I do move mountains. Laundry mountains. How profound.

"But can I fold mountains?" I asked myself. Ye-es, mmmHMM, Ryan affirmed. It's nice to have a laundry folding cheerleader ... even if he is also the laundry un-folder. 

It has also been a few days of lots of bathroom company, but what's new. Always a toddler, sometimes a nursing infant because if anything can show a potty-training boy that, YES, you can in fact take your own underwear off if your mom can go to the bathroom successfully with only one available arm. He still isn't convinced. 

Side note (let's be honest ... this whole post is a side note) - do all little boys' big boy underwear automatically steer them toward the plumber vocation? I think we have four different varieties, and I see more crack than when Ryan was waking up before dawn. You would think the head start in the sag department would help Ryan take them off on his own, but ... no. 

I set out to post about my successful morning because Jenny told me to. She's a good one. This morning I actually woke up at six, completed about half of my computer tasks for the day, Ryan sat cuddly on my lap for the last five minutes in a way that I could type with two hands which never happens and then I managed a shower and makeup. Picture a lip stained/glossed smile. Color us ready for the world ... or at least another day of company in the bathroom whether it be children or Legos or both. 

Well, have to run. The toddler armed with crayons is about to loosely interpret the wall as paper ... as the young Picasso exhibit in our hallways shows has occurred many, many times. Patrons of the art, we are. 

Good morning!