Fun Stuff

Good weekend. It was a very good weekend. I love a weekend when we can do absolutely nothing but relax at home. No commitments and no interruptions. That being said, I adore a weekend full of relaxing with friends that I rarely get to see yet, when we do, it is like we see each other all the time. We don't skip a beat. Do you know what I mean? My college roomie, Ashley, and her boyfriend came up to visit me Ryan and Conor, and our other friend, Elliott, was also in town with her boyfriend and brilliant sister who organized this event. I wish they lived close, but it is comforting that once we are together, we are back in our dorm section freshman year ... with significant others and two kids and a whole lot of happiness in tow, of course.

Here is a little link lasso round up of the world wide web:

Joanna has a new blog layout, and it is one of my favorites now. She really is a sweetie, and I love getting to know her by visiting Cafe du Martin.

Congratulations to Kate and family on baby numero dos!!

And congratulations to Sheena and family on the arrival of Sebastian! They are a wonder family - three under two!

I like Rachel's idea to take a portrait of her girls once a week, every week in 2014. Not that I have a problem with taking photos of my two boys ...

On a similar note, I am excited for Anna's Still Life Series that aims to be still and and perceive the goodness around you. As a photo happy optimist who wants to slow down time, this sounds perfect.

I'm really lucky to love my brothers'-in-law (is that the correct possessive?) girlfriends. Geena and Becca are gems. Now, lucky for you and the rest of the internets, Geena has a blog! !!!! Lots of exclamation points for that one. If you want to hear about life as a twenty-two year old teaching in The Mission in San Francisco and living in Berkeley, head on over.

If you are looking for a delicious brunch recipe that can also add a little fancy to your breakfast for dinner, try Joy's Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles. So good. Your

Did anyone see this story about conjoined whale twins? It's a crazy ocean out there.

Chris' college roommate has an amazing family who is conveniently based in South Bend so we get to see them often. His sister just started a blog, and I can't wait for her to write more. So Annie, write often.

I think Grace would have been the perfect high school sleepover invitee because she knows all the hair tricks and all the beauty tricks. Maybe then I wouldn't have had multiple, yes multiple, seemingly race-changing encounters with self-tanner.

I just read May the Road Rise to Meet You, and it was such a good read. I would place it on our bed next to Conor's bed so that when I would have to pat him back to sleep, I could read it at the same time. If I had to bounce him as he does love so, I placed it on the windowsill or counter and read away. I highly recommend it!

Okay ... GO CHARGERS! Let's hope this game turns around ...