December 1

Tonight when we were putting Ryan to bed, Chris and I realized that a month from tomorrow is Ryan's birthday. Then as I lay next to Ryan, I started to wonder why I thought I was forgetting something. December 2nd, December 2nd ... why is it important? Oh yes, because it comes after December 1! Which is today. Which means four years ago today we started the journey of becoming that cliche couple at our alma mater ... engaged at the Grotto, married in the Basilica, baptizes kids in the Log Chapel, etc., etc. We know, we aren't original in our choices.

This year we spent the night of December 1 with this chubby pair of cheeks and The Walking Dead

Thank you, Chris, for thinking that it is (kind of) cute that my ring has homemade play dough stuck in it. I think you are cute even though your wedding ring has been missing for about three weeks now.

Everyone say it with me:

"Tony, Tony, turn around. Something's lost and must be found."

Husbands: don't let your two year old son play with your wedding ring.

Chris says that he was teaching Ryan about the sacrament of marriage; your wife will forgive you even if you lose your wedding ring. You can imagine me right now trying to put on an un-amused face while fighting a smile. The smile wins.

You can read about how Chris put a ring on it, here!

Now that I think about it, let's do an engagement story link-up! Since it is the holiday season, those are running rampant, aren't they? I included mine in Grace's How We Met link-up, but maybe not everyone included so much detail as I did and would like to flesh it out? I would love to read yours, especially all the crazy details!

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I'm off to go inspect the contents of the vacuum. Ring fingers crossed!