Insta, Insta, Read All About It

Have you seen Jenny's sweet little girl? Her bows are making me yearn for a girl, and Conor just turned two months old. Anyway, Genevieve's birth story is up! I'm a bad pusher so I feel hope that maybe whenever we have #3 I'll be like Jenny? We will see, but head over there, she'll make you chuckle and she even included a haiku.

Happy Birthday a day late to my one and only big brother, Peter! It's birthdays all around here.

I have made this Crockpot JalapeΓ±o Popper Chili three times since I saw the recipe so you can definitely say that our taste buds are fans. Yesterday I used ground beef instead of chicken, and it was just what we needed on a chilly winter day. Six thumbs up from our family. 

Brit and family are thinking pink! Okay, yearning for a girl again. 

Madeline's series on Postpartum Style has been a godsend for me these past two months and her own contribution is right on the money. 

I super, super love this gram from Grace of her birthday boy, Theo. 

I'm excited to participate in this New Year link-up because I really need a kick in the behind so the sooner this blog holds me accountable, the better! 

Laura's recap of her son's wedding was just so sweet. I love seeing mothers-in-law who adore the new members of their families. Reading the post made me realize that I kind of want to recap our wedding three years later. Don't know if anyone will be interested, but I am and I'll probably be low on blogging material so it will probably be making it to the blog, ha. 

Kayla was kind enough to use my submission to her Babble post on winter essentials. Take a look at all the cozy suggestions here

Since I am a copyKat, I made a flipagram on Instagram, and I wanted to share it here, too.

One Year of Instagrams in 15 Seconds from Katrina on Vimeo.
And since a bunch of our family does not have my favorite social media app, I'm going to periodically roundup my grams. 

So. Life lately:

Happy last Monday of the year!