Keeping it real and showing the accuracy and sharpness of an iPhone camera with a husband holding a toddler in his arm.
Taking cues from Sydney and Grace

Making: a new hat for Ryan since this one went missing.

Cooking: nothing because sweet Lauren is bring dinner over. Rejoice!
Drinking: not enough of anything! My lips were so chapped over the weekend, they bled. Hmm.
Reading: The back of the Stacy's Pita Chips I just devoured. The Simply Naked is simply addictive. Of the more literary reading ... We read Panda Bear, Room for a Little One (as recommended by Janssen!), Panda Bear, Panda Bear, oh and ... you guessed it ... Panda Bear before putting Ryan down for a nap with a promise that we will read Panda Bear again after he naps. I checked out May the Road Rise to Meet You this morning since Stephanie sung its praises. This will be the first thing I have read in a veeeeeeeery long time so I'm excited.
Wanting: a new computer mouse that isn't broken after have to double click on each word of May the Road Rise to Meet You separately in order to select and then underline the words. The poor mouse was violently introduced to the floor by Ryan one too many times and cannot select more than eleven characters at a time or move window boxes more than an inch to the side so it's double click this, triple click that.
Looking: For Chris' wedding ring. St. Anthony, please send all of your prayers over here, and I'll send you some Christmas cookies.
Playing: dumb when Ryan asks where the cookies are. We need to reign it in after an eye opening scene where Ryan was watching the cookie monster while holding two cookies and asking for more.
Wasting: my chance to to see what Cyber Monday has to offer.
Sewing: a bow tie.
Wishing: family lived closer.
EnjoyingThe Last Pale Light in the West by Ben Nichols that we discovered while watching The Walking Dead. Great song, great show (even though I only started watching it because Chris and I would share a computer screen with Blogger open on one side and The Walking Dead streaming on the other. I complained the whole time ... and then I would ask what happened if I missed an episode).
Waiting: for cries to come from the bedroom.
Liking: that my arms are full.
Wondering: if I can stop being the mom that answers, "Coming!" and then does three more things before I actually arrive. The cleaning and scrubbing can wait and so on.
Loving: that Ryan called out, "Ruv you!" after we dropped Chris off at work this morning.
Hoping: that both kids keep sleeping during this glorious nap time.
Marveling: at how quickly the dishes pile up both when I cook and when I scrounge.
Needing: to be more intentional.
Smelling: a refrigerator that is in need of a detective. Who is the smelly culprit and how quickly can I throw you out?
Wearing: see above. Yawn. Go ahead, pin it.
FollowingJoy's inspiring Instagram feed,
Noticing: we may  have non-brown-eyed baby on our hands.
Knowing: I need some pointers for outfit posing. Because I look ridiculous when and when I don't look straight at the camera and smile. Any help Grace or Anna?
Feeling: like I'm a human jungle gym. Kids are up.
Bookmarking: lyrics for Christmas carols.
Opening: a can of jellied cranberry sauce. Don't judge.
Giggling: at Ryan's accurate impression of my mom.
Feeling: pretty darn lucky to be the mother to two and wife to one.