Here and There on Christmas Eve

Christmas card ain't happening, Mom.
Well Conor just fell fast asleep after a night of being very, very upset about some extra air in his body. Poor little guy. He is currently passed out on my chest, and I don't dare move him after many failed attempts in the last few hours. White noise by the name of "Extreme rain pour" is blaring from Chris' phone, all three boys are dreaming of sugar plum fairies (you know ... because it's technically Christmas Eve now) and I'm wide awake from a baby bouncer's high.

So. Here is a completely random blog post that is neither here nor there that I am writing from my phone in my old bedroom at my parents' house. Pardon any typos, please.

>>>First off, I can't believe I'm sleeping in my old room (well, really it is my brother's room, but I slept in here once he left for college and all my clothes were still in the room I shared with my sister) with my husband and two sons. This is the same room in which I cried too many tears and fretted over way too many unnecessary high school worries and insecurities, and now here I am, happy as a clam. I don't even need a pinch, I know I'm living the dream.

>>>This is our first Christmas together in Ohio, and I really could not care less about presents. Every tiny little thing that I can show Chris is much more exciting to me. I'm pointing out the houses that normally have perfect lights, talking up my Grandma's one-of-a-kind-Christmas and basically retelling my entire childhood even though he has already heard it. It's neat to watch Chris when we visit. He knows to always, always take seconds of my mom's food. He pretty much knows how to get pretty much everywhere without asking me for directions (although we did miss an exit today, but we were deep in an analysis of all the changes that occurred in the second part of the adaption of The Hobbit so what can you do?). The little things that he knows to do now make me smile. 

>>>My kitchen and dining area ... and living room ... and the bedrooms ... and the laundry room were absolute disasters this past week. I finally cleaned up right before we left, and it's probably very sad how happy I was to see the laundry room floor.

>>>Only one half of our porch had lights on it for the better part of the week because I somehow sliced my thumb open while wrapping the lights around. "Almost," as Ryan says. I guess it matches the kiss-mas twee which only bears half of its original ornaments thanks to Ryanzilla.

---my phone stopped letting me type last night so now I am resuming the random with no excuse for typos---

>>>I don't know about you, but whenever my mom friends and I get together with our little ones for play dates, we normally talk about birth for at least a few minutes ... if not the whole time. The other day, we were watching The Nativity Story, and I thought about how if I ever see Mary, I want to dish birth stories. I told this to Chris, and he wanted to start a theological discussion. He's never been to a play date. 

>>> I think Kate wrote #3 and #5 of her quick takes post so I wouldn't have to write about it myself. She is too good. 

>>> I could not stop laughing through these mostly accidents mom confessions

>>> My mom found the most perfect Christmas tree ... or it found her since it was the last one on the lot. I don't know how people didn't pick this one; it is perfect, and I can't wait to decorate it with all of our homemade ornaments tonight. 

>>> Can I just say that my dad started making his own beer way before it was the hip thing to do? He also wore thick framed glasses way before hipsters. We have had two different beers so far, and each has hit the spot. The tree won't be the only thing glowing

>>> I just might have let Ryan's flow get too long. A lady the other day called him a little girl. Oh well. 

>>> In all of our time together, I have never crocheted a thing for Chris. So! This Christmas I was going to. Conor had one of his vomiting episodes for the first time in weeks all over it. Looks like Chris' lack of wifely crocheted items will continue. 

Okay got to go, friends. Happy Christmas Eve!