Chipotle for Three for $7.54

Chris is quite a fan of Chipotle. He loves it, adores it, whatever affectionate verb you want to use, it is pretty much always an option for him. Fun fact: our "best friend dinner" in the midst of our how we met story was at Chipotle. It probably stems from Mexican food being his absolute favorite food. I really, really like Chipotle, too (in my prime eating days, I seriously could eat two burritos in one sitting. Chris does not believe me, and the fact that I failed to eat two burrito bowls last December does not help my case. But burrito bowls are more filling at a quicker rate than burritos! I digress, though ... we can discuss Chipotle eating strategies at another time). It is also amazing that I don't have to make the million components that go into a good Mexican/Tex-Mex meal. I really enjoy cooking (well, I used to, now I'm still learning to enjoy it with a third leg via a toddler), but let's be honest, making meat + pico + guac + refried beans + chopping and shredding other stuff = a lot of steps and a whole lot of dishes. 

Now we don't have the budget to throw all of our money at Chipotle so spending $13+ on two burrito bowls adds up quickly. But! Last week, I learned that you can order a side of rice for $0.80! I know rice is much cheaper than that at home, but remember, we are going for a no dishes meal here. And I loooove their rice. Now we can easily feed the three of us food-eaters for $7.54 when we decide to treat ourselves to Chipotle. 

Here's how:
- 1 veggie burrito bowl $6.25
- 1 tortilla that comes with the burrito bowl, just ask for it on the side!
- 1 side of guacamole that comes with the veggie option
- 1 side of green salsa, which is Chris' favorite. This is for no additional cost also since you can ask for more than one scoop of salsa on your burrito or bowl anyway!
- 1 side of rice. $0.80

All of that plus tax adds up to feeding the three of us for $7.54, which is not too shabby for a fast casual establishment that has us hooked by the taste buds. Since Chipotle's portions are so big, we can all split it, and it is really enough food as long as you don't have someone new on the line that skimps. 

What is your Chipotle order?

P.S. Thanks to all of you wonderful readers who let me know that I am not the only green with envy person out there. Here's to not making green the new pink.