Thankful a Day Late

I'm thankful for a toddler tornado in the kitchen. 

I'm thankful for tantrums while I bake.  
I'm thankful for multiple explosive diapers in one morning.  
I'm thankful for a husband who agrees to eat my "Crustless Chocolate Pie," that wasn't intended to be crustless when I expect no one else will. 
I'm thankful my husband can compare the intro song of Dinosaur Train to that of Sons of Anarchy. 
I'm thankful for squirmy dinners. Not the kind of  squirmy where you are uncomfortable because someone asked you an uncomfortable question, but the squirmy where you are eating with your left hand because you have a toddler balancing on your right knee squirming around while holding a spotless spoon in one hand and stuffing his face with the other. 
I'm thankful that all of those crazy things mean that I have a toddler I can toss leftover pie crust to like my mother used to do with me, a sweet newborn to snuggle with, and a husband who is just the bee's knees.

We were so blessed to be invited to spend Thanksgiving with Chris' best friend's (the one who edited the footage of our wedding to create this!) family in a Chicago suburb. We adore them! It is so relaxing to spend time with people who love children and their quirky ways. Let's see, how can I describe how wonderful they are? If Ryan and Conor were about fifteen to twenty years older, I would be praying non-stop novenas for one of my sons to marry one of their daughters. I think that means a lot, doesn't it?
Seth Morris Photography

The food was delicious, the house decorated beautifully and the company was divine. We had a great time. Watch out, our favorite Chicago family ... you know we will be back!

This boy who used to scream and scream and scream in the car can now sleep most of the trip and then when we are almost to the destination, can try to act as a makeshift pacifier for the new baby all while assuring, "Almost. Almost." 
Where's Ryan?

Ryan running with his team.

I think Conor was held the whole time. He was happy!