Wee! Wee! Wee! All the way to stay-at-home mom-dom

I think I'll keep my day job.

Yesterday my mother-in-law insisted on taking Ryan with her to a home decor store quite a bit away. You think, "How nice! You get a little break from crazy toddler land. She is brave to take a toddler there." Well, the more appropriate response is, "Sainthood!" because she also took her four year old and eleven month old. She is truly selfless, and she already has two miracles under her belt - one being the fact that Ryan sat in the cart the whole time and two being that nothing broke in the store! Sainthood.

Anyway, once St. Jill and company were off to the land of breakables and I got over my get-a-grip-he's-leaving-for-half-a-day tearing up as I waved bye to Ryan, my mama-mind hopped from one idea to the next of how I should spend my time. I only have a newborn! This little mama cried free! free! free! all the way home.

(Well you know, as free as a newborn lets you be ... which could mean not at all. But still. Work with me here).

As much as I love looking at newborn photos like the beautiful ones that Marjorie creates, they aren't really in the budget. With those not an option, a toddler-free afternoon, orders to not clean, and with a few pumpkins and gourds lying around, I decided to take a click at it for my October baby.

Out came the quilt from Ryan's bed to mask the massive bachelor pad/toddler's dream bean bag in our living room. On came the eight hours of white noise available on YouTube and up went the volume. Out came the sharpie thanks to Olivia for some Pinspiration.

With a prayer and a shhhh and all my fingers crossed, I placed Conor on my laughable set up and pulled out my trusty DSLR camera phone.

What do you think? Potential for an Awkward Baby Photo list ten years down the road? 

Moving Ryan while he is asleep and keeping him asleep is one of my mom skills that I am most proud of. Katrina Harrington, nap mover, at your service. Apparently this knack does not include newborns because Conor woke up. 

He took one look at my photo stage and must have decided he needed to add a fountain. Boys. 

Yes, I think I will keep my day job. 

Oh wait! That involves a lot of sterile fountains, as well.


Luckily, it also includes this:
Welcome, smiles!