Welcome, Fall!

That was the title of one of Ryan's favorite library books as of late that we just returned today, on its due date. I have been pretty good about delivering our library books on time recently since racking up quite the fine of an amount that I will not be divulging. Just know it was bad, and maybe share a story with me about your own New York Times best fines list to make me feel better. Hmmm, I wonder if due date delivery will be a trend around here??

I know that everyone proclaims, "Pumpkin spice lattes! Boots! Scarves!" when that can't-keep-its-balance season comes around. I love all of that, too, don't get me wrong, but you know what I think has been the biggest perk as of yet? My poor ironing skills and efficiency can be covered up by Chris donning a sweater. Mediocre housewife seasonal winning.

Besides that perk, I adore fall at Notre Dame. Breaking news, no? The changing leaves can cancel out any chilly weather incident where I'm the mom at the playground with a running toddler with a runny nose and zero tissues on hand.

For all of September and until last week, we were preemptively compensated for surviving the pending permacloud in the currency of golden sunshine. We spent so much time outside! I'd bike around the lakes until we would find the trio of a swan family. It was perfect. The paths were normally busy with runners and walkers, but they were usually spaced out enough that I could take swigs of Ryan's stale straw-cup water without a single rogue eyebrow judging me. Ryan would go nuts tossing fallen walnuts into the lake, and I would get my thrill of the day by sitting under the walnut tree attempting to be Isaac Newton pre-gravity discovery. There were some pretty close calls, but I have yet to feel the impact of a falling walnut on my nut so thank you, Guardian Angel!

The temperatures have sadly decreased, but our need to be outside hasn't. Thanks to this week being fall break, we have our our backyard all to ourselves. A positive: wider windows of time for the aforementioned straw-cup sneaking. A negative: Waddick's, the sweet cafe in the Arts and Letters building with equally addictive breakfast sandwiches and scones is closed for the week even though this is potentially the last week of my pregnancy and, thus the last week of my pregnancy craving excuses. Hmph.

This afternoon we ventured out once again and discovered a new game: how many ways can I try to get a toddler to keep his hat on? Incentives and distractions were the winners today. Cross your fingers in your mittens that I can win the battle again tomorrow.