Seven Quick Takes

Well now that Ryan has bid, "See you 'morrow," to the almost non-existent scrape on his knee seventeen times and entered into a (hopefully) deep slumber, I can attempt to come up with seven interesting quick takes with Jen via Cari! Congratulations Cari on your book!

1. Still pregnant! 

And I'm A-okay with that. 

2. With the way I'm nesting, this baby will be sleeping in a cosleeper of 20+ cups of homemade chicken stock and four jars of homemade spaghetti sauce (made with crushed tomatoes from this helpful volunteer!) because those are bound to be super cozy. Right. I am just the worst nester ever since I haven't even washed a few blankets to make a human nest.

3. Speaking of nonsensical pregnancy babble mind was wondering the other day when I was searching through the pantry for something appetizing to eat, and testing out various combinations in my mind. Then I started thinking about how recipes were invented. And of course that led me create a bunch of scenarios in my crazy head in which pregnant women created popular foods. 

Flour >>> A woman with child could have been super hormonal and mad at her hunter-gatherer-turned farmer, and just started taking her anger out on some wheat. Voila - flour.

Butter >>> repeat the angry thrashing above, but with a bucket of milk.

Bread >>> Maybe one day she decided to mix flour and water. She was in her first trimester so she was exhausted and fell asleep. When she woke up, she forgot about it. And forgot about it. And forgot about it. Until one day she came back and saw the bubbling mixture. She added more flour, and then took a nap, of course. This time when she woke up, she found it doubled in size! She punched it down. So many emotions! A bit later it had doubled in size again! Fed up with all of this nonsense, she just threw it over the fire. 

And there you have it - light, airy bread. And so the world was changed. 

This could go on and on, but I will stop. I'm sorry for your peek into what Chris has to hear me ponder about on a daily basis. Maybe I should go ahead and have this little one so the  pregnancy cray departs and is replaced by a sweet baby with a light sprinkle of postpartum mood swings. 

4. Since this is turning into a pregnancy-centric quick takes, I was directed by Dwija's twitter to Rhonda's incredibly moving post about how her five year old goddaughter is teaching her about redemptive suffering. It was just what I needed to read when I was in bed at two in the morning wondering how I was going to go through labor again.

5. I'm sure most people have seen this next link of a man's photos of his wife's battle with cancer, but I was bawling when Chris showed me it last night.

6. Have you seen this photo? 

I wouldn't look like that if I were the helmet-less tackling target of eleven huge football players. 

7. And finally to seven! I still plan on hosting a Halloween link-up like I mentioned here starting early next week since I know many people have early parties or festivities already. It will just depend if this baby shows up promptly tomorrow or not :) Come one, come all, I want to see your family's costumes! 

As Ryan has come to say, "Bye-bye soon!"