Seven Quick Takes

Happy Friday! Linking up with Jen like its my job. 

1. Okay, I need to get this off my back. Yes, I know it is, "Get it off my chest," but you will see why I altered the saying. Tonight we got to go to a dinner downtown. Chris wasn't home when Ryan and I were getting ready, and I was just a tad frustrated with my closet and its overemphasize on items of clothing that I have worn to death. I slipped ... okay tugged, tugged and tugged this dress on and while I was zipping the dress up in the back, Ryan came with whatever request and I followed. I was satisfied that I was already dressed to go and Chris wasn't home yet because, well, normally I am not. It was a great night even though it is a bad idea to sit at a table with a toddler when the dessert is already set out. 

We arrived home and pregnancy called so I made a trip to the bathroom right away. I hope my kids never call me out on my own potty dance. After washing my hands, I turned to grab the towel to dry my hands and saw the top back of my dress since my hair was pulled to one side. IT. WAS. OPEN. 


(all those i's are what happens when you are falling asleep writing. IIIIIII am not deleting it).

And it wasn't like people didn't see it ... there were 600 people and I was up walking around a bunch when everyone else  was sitting since Ryan + chairs for more than three minutes is just an combination that Ryan doesn't approve of. And I was sitting smack-dab next to the priest!!

2.  We went to the pumpkin patch twice this week. 

3. I mentioned that I have the thrifting bug. Well, on Tuesday I went to a Goodwill recommended by Kathryn. I just kept tossing finds into my cart with grand plans for all. I wasn't planning on buying it all, but when you promised your son he could play with a trophy at the thrift store only to find not a single trophy in the store, you speed shop while he is occupied with some non breakable decorative pig. Anyway, I got to the counter prepared to only buy half of it once I heard the final price. Somehow the cashier told me that my total was $7.22. What? I kept asking her if she got everything, and she assured me that she did. Okay, if you say so! So I walked away with two frames, a toy basketball, some fake fall leaf branch things, two Christmas wreaths, a blanket, a wooden tree cut out, a blue and white plate, and three vases for $7.22.

4. Speaking of the leaf branch things, I needed them to cover the wires on our wall from the TV. But ... they smell! Not thrift store smell, but more of a bad potpourri smell. Any tips on how to get them to not smell or should I cut my losses even though remind me up my triumphant thrift shop and get different ones?  

That was really lame quick take. My apologies.

5. Last night we happened upon a group of bag pipers practicing on campus. Who needs a big city for some sidewalk music?

6. We have been listening to Royals by Lorde on repeat all day, everyday this week. I might be late to the party, but I am royally enamored with everything about it. 

7. Halloween Link-up.
Chris always jokes that Halloween is my excuse to wear a dress with some stretch of a costume idea because I'm too lame to wear a real costume.  

He is probably right. 

Seeing that I might be wearing a hospital gown for my annual Halloween dress instead of admiring everyone else's awesome costumes on the trick-or-treat trail since my due date is right before the orange and black holiday, I would like to host a Halloween Costume link-up! All ages welcome, of course. Will you join?

Stay tuned for more!
Ryan in the womb; Ryan the Lion