Postpartum Bullet Points

We have been home as a family of four for two days now, and it has been pretty blissful. Although, if you hear Ryan the Parrot's latest word, you would think otherwise. "Dan-nit!" doesn't exactly paint a picture of bliss does it? But, it is. We are enjoying a week of almost constant nursing, readings of Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?, casual lunches with a baby in arms, casual dinners with a baby in arms, somersaults down Uncle David's old, giant beanbag and renditions of I'm a Little Pee-pot on repeat because well, when else in our life will we get a week straight together like this?

>>> Almost peri, peri bad - I was taking a luxurious shower yesterday morning when through the glass door, I saw Ryan walk into the bathroom. He was just in a diaper (duh), which just adds to the "we definitely have it all together" aura that is oozing from this post. Anyway, I watched him clammer up onto the toilet, and then watched him swipe the peri bottle from its permanent spot on the counter (any mom will understand it is my crutch that first week home).

Stooooooop! That is NOT a water bottle! Chris!!!

Fortunately, he put it down. Chris came in, I told him what happened, and we both laughed which caused Ryan to start crowing, "Joke! Joke! Joke!" otherwise known as his latest trick. 

>>> Ryan loves Conor. A bit too much, if that is possible? Baby! Kiss! Baby! Kiss! Let me put all of my weight on you, little eight and a half pound brother so I can kiss you!

>>> Conor loves nursing. Like brother, like brother. If his lips so much as brush anything, he starts rooting and rooting until Chris uproots and finds him his feeding source.

>>> I am not good at taking naps. I just normally burn the midnight oil and the noon oil until one day I crash. Having Chris at home this week means he forces me to take a nap with Ryan and Conor when Ryan goes down every day. I kind of love it. Maybe I will be a nap convert.

>>> Poor Conor is sporting his first badges of brotherly love and curiosity after Ryan scratched his nose on the ride home from the hospital.

>>> Chris is really good at taking care of us. Thanks, parents-in-law, for making him the oldest of twelve!

>>> Newborn sneezes are awwww-inducing. Newborn sneezes followed by a, "Bwess you!" are let-me-have-a-million-babies-feeling-inducing. 

>>> After-birth contractions are not fun at all. At all.

>>> Ryan still likes to kiss my belly, but that is okay since Kate Middleton brought bellies back. Plus, it's kind of cute.

I know things will get much harder when Chris goes back to work and after my mom leaves and then his mom leaves and the terrible twos come and maybe colic will introduce itself to us. But right now, this second time around with a newborn has been so fun, and we are treasuring it.  Maybe it's because we know in the blink of an eye, Conor will be clammering up onto the toilet to swipe a peri bottle ... but that will be a treasure, too. I kind of love being a parent.