Two Free Golden Tickets

This past weekend was a fun one. My roomie from college came to visit for the football and brought her boyfriend along, too. It was too much fun to get to chat each night just like when we were in school especially since Ashley is one of the few people in the world who thinks I'm funny and doesn't blink an eye at my use of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a source. 
Ryan's reaction to the approaching band.
I wish I had captured a photo of the leprechaun high-fiving Ryan, but this was, in fact, the look on his face. 

At the beginning of the season, we decided that Ryan could go to a game only if tickets were miraculously handed to us. The kid may enjoy shrieking, "Football! Tackle! Touchdown!" all day, every day (which would make an interesting game if you think about it ... a touchdown for every tackle?), but let's not be confused ... he is twenty months old and has no real concept of those Go-den! helmets. 

Well, luck was on Ryan's side. We were walking home from tailgating and band-watching with about twenty minutes before the game started. Ryan was perched atop Chris' shoulders, and as we passed a house, one of the guys called out to us, "Do you guys want free tickets to go to the game?" 

Ryan was so excited:

And he was so impressed that his dad's prediction for a boring and ugly game was right on the money so thank goodness we didn't spend any money!

In all honesty, it was really fun to go to our first game as a family even though it was just Michigan State and Ryan was just twenty months. Our section was right above the band which is perfect for a toddler, and he finally got to let out those, "Tackle! Touchdown!" shrieks in an appropriate setting. Much better than in church.

In other news, my amazing little sister ran her second half-marathon on Saturday! So proud of you, little sister! Who knew what those size five feet could do.

(Yes, she really has size five feet).
My sister and my dad enjoying the post-race refreshments.