The New Era, A.D.

Not Anno Domini, the Year of Our Lord. 

A.D. in this case means After David.

We are living in a new era, here in the Harrington household. Since Ryan was five months old, Ryan's godfather and Chris' brother, David lived with us. Before that he only lived maybe three minutes away.

When Ryan and I returned from Texas, Ryan ran to Chris and gave him a huge hug. Then he turned to David's old room and asked, "Dave?" I cried, of course. When we said that he was in California, Ryan asked, "Becca?" (David's sweet girlfriend who lived two houses down). They were his two favorite playmates. The givers of cookies, dum-dums and raspberries. Now, a month later, Ryan still searches David's old room whenever we go in there calling, "Daaaaave! 

We FaceTimed with David recently and this was Ryan's reaction:
Happy, happy, happy.
We lost the signal for a moment, and so Ryan lost it, too.
Do you think he misses him?