Likes and Shares

Boy, have the internets been speaking to me lately. And since I'm trying to teach Ryan the whole sharing concept, I will share them with you! I want to be nice on the blog playground, after all. 

--- iPhone vs. uBaby. Martha hit it out of the park on this one, and I so struggle with making sure that one text doesn't turn into a stream of phone unconsciousness ... don't you sometimes feel unconscious going from app to app to app or site to site to site?

--- Martha was on a roll this week! I really, really want to read the book she recommended, Searching and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart by Fr. Jacques Phillippe. I think it will be perfect to read before I feel tempted to feel like I'm drowning in whines and cries. And the fact that it is only 110 pages means that reading the book pre-Baby is more likely to happen than filling out a baby book for Ryan.

--- Sheena's post on cloth diapering is a great starting point for those curious about covering those bums with cloth.

--- Dwija's post The Love Comes First was poignant, time appropriate, moving and something to always remember. 

--- Heather's post has been circling the internet and for good reason! It is an incredibly honest story that made me laugh and cry. Check out I'm No Theologian

--- What is with everyone making me cry with their perfectly timed posts? Add Ana to the list because she wrote a beautiful post, Serviam

And I was just feeling nostalgic and going through photos so here is one of two-week-old Ryan. Makes me forget all of the salt he has been seasoning our days with ... where is the sugar of yore, toddler boy?!