A Month

Warning: pregnancy babble commencing. 

Yesterday marked one month until my due date.

One month. 

I am experiencing so many emotions (all coming with a side of excitement) right now, and you will probably have the pleasure of sifting through them over the next four weeks. I won't blame you if you skim. They are so mixed that I started this simple, easy-peasy post yesterday and still don't even know what I am going to write today. 

I keep adding tasks to my mental to do list, but I really need to start physically writing it down or typing it up because that chalkboard in my mind is just too susceptible to the erasing power of a certain someone's tantrums. 

I need to remember that I'm not going to permanently lose all capability of doing anything in a month. I'm not dying in a month. I'm giving birth. I'm giving birth not only to a child, but to a continuation of my vocation. This life is a continuation of our vocation as a family. We are creating a life! Yes, a life that will make cooking, decorating, and even just going or just sitting harder, but not impossible. 

So if I get Christmas decorations organized before the baby comes, wow. A standing ovation from my crazy pregnancy mind. And if I don't? No perspiration. 

I do know that I am not ready for this pregnancy to be over because ... I love being pregnant. That seems like a huge confession to me. Is that a bit sad that I think that is something I should hide behind the bushes (and make sure that they are wide bushes at that)? 

I do love being pregnant. Yes, I am extremely lucky and have easy pregnancies. I do not know if I would be able to love it if I did, and I so admire women who have tough pregnancies. Who knows, maybe the next one (and I hope there is a next one ... and a next one ... and a next one ... and ... ) will be horrible and I'll eat my words since I won't be able to eat anything else. But for now? God hasn't given me that cross. He has given me other crosses and has given me this season of  life where I get to be a shelter to our child. I don't know how many times I will have this chance. I know there are so many women who don't get to experience this and pray and pray that they could so I am incredibly thankful.  

Pregnancy babbler, over and out ... for now.