36 Weeks and Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Link-up

36 weeks! 

I am still feeling mostly good although for a bit during my thirty-fifth week my lower back was really sore, but that normally happens a couple times a year for me since I don't exactly keep up with core strength exercises regularly (ahem, ever). I also had mucho tenderness around my belly button two nights ago. The baby puts enough pressure on my bladder than I perpetually have to go to the bathroom even if I have just had a drop of water. Then when I don't drink enough drops of water, I wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps because I am dehydrated. Better chug, chug, chug. 

Okay, let's analyze. 

36 weeks with Ryan. 36 weeks with this baby. 
The lighting in our apartment was top notch. I have no idea where my maternity jeans from Ryan went so my outfit isn't completely identical.

I had very minimal morning nausea with Ryan at the beginning and only at times when I didn't have something to eat right away in the morning. With this baby, I had basically nonexistent nausea, which could be because I knew to keep something in my stomach in the morning. Occasionally with Ryan, I felt light-headed during the first trimester, and once this pregnancy I had to sit down at the grocery store check out line until the kind cashier and bagger boys brought me water. Neither babies have ever kicked me in the ribs. I didn't like sweets as much while pregnant with Ryan, and I loved anything savory, salty and cheesy. This has repeated with the current gestating baby. I didn't get dark stretch marks with Ryan. Actually, I didn't even know that I had stretch marks because they were so pale until I had Ryan and my belly was no longer stretched! No visible stretch marks yet, but I am sure they are there. Overall, I have felt wonderful with both. I do want to decorate more with this baby ... but I haven't done anything about it. 

I have heard from multiple people that they were 100% sure that the baby is a boy. And, I have heard from multiple people that they are 100% sure that the baby is girl. Yesterday, a man turned around after passing me, walked back toward me and told me that he, "Sees it 100%, and it is a boy." Well, since everyone has an opinion, will this baby be a boy or girl? 

When we ask Ryan if he is getting a brother or a sister, he proclaims, "Sister! Bruh!" so he is still part of our no clue club. I adore loving the baby just as, "Baby," and hearing Chris announce if we have a son or daughter, but that doesn't mean that I am immune to the speculation bug. 

So! When you were pregnant with a boy, was it different from when you were pregnant with a girl? Or if you have all of one sex, were the pregnancies different from each other? Link it up, so I can continue to be confused by everyone's stories. If you have an old post where you talk about this enigma, link it up! I will leave it open for a loooong time. And if you have never been pregnant, did your mom have different pregnancies? Leave a comment and tell me!