34 Weeks

Long time, no pregnancy talk!

Thankfully, I am still feeling really good. I am so very thankful! I have been getting more tired as of late, but I think part of that was because I kept forgetting to take my favorite supplement and that coincided with the start of my inability to go to bed at a decent hour. I am getting bigger , of course! The other day I was telling Chris, "You know how when you do the same workout every day, it gets easier? Yeah, well every day I think that the ride to campus is harder than the day before!" The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round, the pounds on the scale go up and up, all through the pregnancy! And I'm A-okay with that little jingle and jiggle.

Ryan moved plenty whenever I sat down or was in bed, but this baby moves a lot more than Ryan did whenever I am up and moving. Hiccups happen at least once a day now, and I love when I can feel a little foot, hand, elbow or knee sticking out. I seem to care about decorating this pregnancy which is a stark contrast to my pregnancy with Ryan when I didn't even think of a nursery. This baby won't have one either, but all of sudden I want to decorate our space so it isn't reminiscent of a bachelor pad. I told Chris that this might be my only clue that Baby is a girl since the rest of the pregnancy has been just as good as Ryan's ... if not better! He or she is giving me materialistic tendencies. Chris said he still thinks it is a 50/50 chance. Fun alert, right there.
Ryan was super into the photos. 

The last two midwife appointments have been complete opposites of the very first appointment that we scheduled too close to Ryan's approximate nap time (I'm not a schedule stickler) when he screamed the whole time we heard the heartbeat. Now, in addition to hugging and kissing my belly, he comes up and proudly exclaims, "Har-by!" otherwise understood as heartbeat. Then he goes, "Boo-boom, boo-boom, boo-boom." He loves hearing the heartbeat.  At my 32 week appointment, Ryan started banging his head to the beat. 

I'm excited to see this boy hold the baby.