Five Favorites

Finally linking up again with Hallie for Five Favorites! Hop on over for the link-up's half birthday edition.

I guess these aren't really my five favorites for the week, but more so five favorites in the past month since I have been a slow blogger. 

1. My boys. 
This two-wheeled pack camel came cycling up our driveway at 9am after I slept in last Saturday morning. They had a boys morning and came home with groceries for Oreo dessert, donuts and flowers. You know it has been a good day when you find leftover donut glaze on your arm later in the afternoon. 

(I had started to take Ryan out of his seat so that is why his straps are down and his feet are out of the stirrups!)

2. Google Maps app
This was my best friend for the 38 hours I spent in the car in one week spanning ten states. I can't stand the regular Maps app that comes on the phone, but for some reason,  I didn't download this amazingly helpful and free app until now. I wonder what other apps I am missing out on ... 

3. The diaper look

Hi, my name is Katrina, and I rarely dress my son. I snapped this photo right after we met the new family that moved in next door. I thought I should document their great first impression of my parenting. 

4. Italian family.

Remember when I wrote about the family that invited us over and forever ruined other Italian food for us forever? Chris casually mentioned on Saturday that we were invited to their annual wine party the next day and if I wanted to go. Silly question. 

There were three food tents: one that dished out Italian beef and their homemade Italian sausage (I asked for both on the same sandwich, and the lady working the tent said I was the first one brave enough to ask for that ... if she thinks pregnancy nonchalant eating is brave, then I like her) AND fresh pizza straight out of a pizza oven, one tent for the goodness shown directly above and then one tent for desserts that people brought and probably one hundred bottles of wine! And that was the wine that was out when we were there. As we left, I spotted a whole lamb roasting. They know how to throw a party. 

5. Adorable pregnancy announcement.
Is this not a clever and cute announcement? I love it. I was scrolling through Facebook not really paying attention to it on Sunday when I did a furious back scroll up when I realized I had read the word "announcement" in the photo caption of my friend, Sara. Then I shrieked with excitement. The label is even in their wedding colors. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but this creepy friend remembers that detail. Congratulations to Sara and John! Can't wait for our babies to cheer on the Irish together.