What I Wore Sunday

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Well, I did end up changing for church because I don't think flannel qualifies as my Sunday best even if it is floral. This Mass was bittersweet because it was our last Sunday Mass at the Basilica with Annie! I can't believe she is almost off to college. Ryan decided to exploit the fact that she is his aunt and has that whole love-a-nephew-no-matter-what concept going on and regressed in his church behavior. Chris took him out three times which was triple last week's count. He was quite vocal in a way only a mother could love and understand. I am the chief translator for his words, so his declarations of, "Jesus!" "Cross!" "Pray!" and "Amen!" sounded pious to me, no matter how ill-timed. Unfortunately, for everyone else they probably sounded like, "Cheezuz!" "Koss!" "Pay!" and "Amy!" and so those high volume and high frequency words warranted the three trips out. People still fumble over the new translation so there is no need for the excessive push for the Ryanglish translation.

The little rascal decided to redeem himself and make our frustrated hearts swell immediately after Mass. He walked up to the holy water, dipped his right hand in once (as opposed to the normal three or five) and proceeded to bless himself with the sign of the cross. And it wasn't his normal disco-dance-move-esque gesture. 

Boy knows how to make us crow, "My chick is the blackest!" 

He hasn't repeated the perfect sign of the cross since so he also knows how to play his cards right. 

Top: Motherhood Maternity. Belt: not too sure. Skirt: Ebay. Wedges: borrowed from Becca

After Mass, we walked over to see the ducks, and Annie whispered so Chris wouldn't hear that I should catch up with Chris and Ryan so she could take a family photo. Ummmm there are probably ten photos of the three of us over eighteen months so you know I scurried away in those borrowed wedges (I don't know why I haven't taken advantage of Becca's amazing size 8.5 shoe collection all summer). Well, I pushed my luck and tried to hold Chris' hand for some added romance to the photos which sent the photo-hater's sister-paparazzi-alarm off ... you can see how Chris thwarted our attempt at family photos and put the whole thing derrière us.

Is it bad that I actually like the photo? ;)