What I Wore Sunday

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Happy Sunday!

We went to the 5pm Mass today. According to Chris' report, Ryan behaved well again, which was a huge relief because I not only was on the altar for all of Mass, but I read the first reading. If you listened to it, you will remember that it uses the image of a mother comforting her child. Judging from Ryan's reaction to the words "milk" and "nurse" when I was practicing earlier, I was terrified that Ryan would start chanting, "Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!," or "Milk! Milk! Milk!" or do another Meet the Fockers reenactment when he heard his own mother's voice filling up the Basilica and saying those words. Thankfully, Ryan doesn't pay attention to the readings yet. You are off the hook for now, little boy!

I actually wore the same dress that I wore last week, but I switched up the shoes and added a helmet because we biked to Mass as a family for the first time! Ryan was thrilled, and I was just praying that no one saw my Spanx.

My "Can you see my Spanx?" nervous smile

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