Should I be over this by now? Probably. No, definitely.

This morning after I handed Ryan off to my parents who are here visiting and wake up at the crack of dawn and beg for me to give them their grandson (sleep in past 5 something? Fine by me. No objections here), I checked my email. Two Google News alerts were awaiting me. The first one said that Carole Middleton would come stay with Kate and Will. Wow, that is some shocking news. Not. I deleted the next one since I expected something of the royally disappointing caliber. Right as the email started to do it's genie-slim-down to fit into the trashcan on my phone, I saw the words, "...admitted to hospital, in labour." I gasped!! Chris bolted up! It must be noted that Chris sleeps very deeply and normally only wakes up if he thinks something is wrong with Ryan so the feeding wake ups of yore never even caused a stir. So the sleeping log thought Ryan had to go to the emergency room or something.

"Kate is in labor!!" A slew of unprintable words from Chris answered my joy. I did a little dance, kicked my feet and giggled because, hey! A prince or princess is on the way! Chris was NOT appreciative. Bold, all-caps, italicized and all.

I also might have started crying. 

Anyway, as much as Chris teases me about my shared fascination with millions of other people around the world being part of the reason there are a million reporters camped outside anywhere Kate might be, I do really feel for the girl! No one wants a barrage of messages asking if the baby has arrived yet, let alone thousands of cameras monitoring your swollen ankles' every move. I was annoyed having to have a monitor on my belly at all, and all of our monitors are focused on her. Yikes. 

I am happy to be able to pray for someone in labor and for the baby and for her husband. I normally do so I don't feel guilty that this morning I can put a face to the prayer intention. No guilt at all. Plus, the names we like for this baby aren't exactly on the short list for the future king or queen. I'll be monitoring Ellie's updates all day. 

When Ryan's labor was looming over our heads eighteen months ago, I told Chris that I didn't want him telling anyone that I had gone into labor. I had some insane thought in my head that I would feel so much pressure to have the baby quickly! Okay to that 1) our family and friends already knew that we were having a baby and 2) I should have been infinitely more worried about the insane pressure of the baby descending. After fifteen minutes of rage at the mere suggestion of Chris alerting the familia, I calmed down and agreed. (Shhhh ... it actually was adorable that Chris was so excited). 

Our kind friends camped out in the waiting room after driving through the snowstorm plus the family updated via Chris' thumbs was about as much extra pressure that I could take. Poor Kate has the whole world wondering if she is an efficient pusher or not! I do hope she and William and the baby take their sweet time that they deserve as a new family of three. 

But I'm sitting here waiting with bated breath. No, hee-hee-hooing over here. 

Irrational pregnant mind dump, over and out. The sincerest wishes for a safe and quick labour to you, Duchess Catherine!