Girls Day in Chicago

Becca, Annie, Kristina and moi

This past Saturday my dad had a meeting in downtown Chicago so four of us girls hitched a ride for a quick girls afternoon in Chicago. Sorry, I don't think your computer monitor is bullet-point-proof because that is how we are recapping this weekend. Let's get to the points.

  • We were walking down Michigan Ave only to be greeted by a Hostess truck handing out free Twinkies. Now, I am more of an Oatmeal Cream Pie girl, but none of us said no. Okay, Kristina was good and didn't eat hers. It was the start to a fantastic afternoon.
  • Our midday hunger was only mildly soothed by that rush of sucrose, but all four of us aren't exactly the most decisive people. We didn't want to get something that we could get back home, but we didn't really want to venture into the neighborhoods (or else I would have pulled the pregnant craving card and gone to Delux) since we only had the afternoon. India House was a delicious restaurant that Chris and I went to a couple times, and it was close so we started to walk in that direction until I remembered that Graham Elliott from MasterChef has two restaurants in Chicago. Obviously we weren't going to go to the two Michelin stars one, but Grahamwich seemed perfect for lunch, and it was close enough that our empty stomachs approved. It was very casual with counter seating and then one long communal table. I ordered the reuben, Kristina and Becca ordered the roast beef and Annie got the turkey, but on a pretzel roll. All were delicious! We also ordered salt and vinegar chips, which were not too salty and not too vinegary. My reuben was definitely the best reuben that I had ever had, but would I pay $9 to have it again? Probably not. 
  • We didn't finish all of the chips and since part of my day of stroller-freedom emptying any Ryan luggage from my purse, I became the keeper of the chips. Which is to say that I became the eater of the chips. 
  • Gelato also was on our list for the day. We didn't trek out to Black Dog Gelato (try their goat cheese cashew caramel - sounds gross, tastes like cheesecake), but we found L'Appetito. The Frutti de Bosco hit the spot for me, but the cashier lady definitely gave my sister the wrong flavor (chocolate chip rather than mint chocolate chip) when Kristina definitely asked for the correct one. 
  • Okay, this is turning into just a post about food.
  • The rest of the day was spent shopping ... mostly window shopping, but it was fun. I loved getting to hang out with my sister since we never get to spend time together when she isn't the aunt and I'm not the mom. I was/am the shy one of the pair so I always used to make her ask where someone bought something. And she came through this weekend! Coral maxi skirt from Marshall's...I'm coming for you. Love you, sistah. 
  • Chicago is the land of wondering, "Where in the world did that girl get her maxi dress?!" Last weekend when Annie and I were walking around Chicago, we asked each other that every other girl we passed in Lincoln Park, and this weekend was no different. Please share your favorite maxi dress because most of my maternity clothes are for fall and winter, and we don't use our A/C.
  • Our drive back may have been extended by an hour because I was the navigator who never told the pilot (my dad) when to watch for the highway splitting/appropriate exits. Oops.