7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen, no surprise.

1. Search keywords.
I thought this set of how people clicked on my blog entertaining. I am in fact barefoot and pregnant as I write this post, but luckily, my son's conehead has vanished.
2. Chris is always right. Well, third time is the charm. After reading many reviews, confidently purchasing and then sadly returning two child bike seats because neither fit my female bike (side note: after the second seat didn't work after the box proudly proclaimed, "fits almost all bikes!" I joked that this was the first time that I was frustrated to be a woman. Come on bike seat makers!), we finally went with the one that Chris had been pulling for from the beginning of our search at the end of May. He said it was an investment, but I stubbornly hemmed and hawed at the price. Now, I looooooooove this bike seat so much that I don't even care that Chris was right, and I was wrong. I am not off balance at all; it is like Ryan isn't even on the bike. And - barefoot-and-pregnant-mama-plus! There is tons of room for my growing belly. Yepp Mini, you are the bee's knees. Note: no worries, we adjusted the strap to fit Ryan right after Chris snapped this photo in our driveway and before we biked anywhere.

3. Thank you to everyone who has linked up to my Womb Service link-up! I think cravings are so fascinating, and you ladies have made me laugh with all of your crying stories. Makes me feel not alone in this crazy craving world. The link-up will be open for a week and a few more days so if you would like to share, please do! I'm craving more links, so don't make me cry. 

4.  We spent our 4th of July at Chris' best friend's family's house for a huge college graduation/high school graduation/ 8th grade graduation/4th of July party. Chris (same name, no wonder they are best friends) is the oldest of ten, and we adore visiting them. Ryan was obsessed with their playground. He kept insisting on going down the slide on his belly until finally riding down upright. It was one giant slide for Ryankind. Then he went on to eat too many cookies to count. 

5. There were numerous badminton, volleyball, soccer and frisbee games played throughout the party. Ryan had his watchful eye on his father. 
You can see how intense of an ultimate frisbee spectator Ryan is in this video. Yelling, biting his lip and all.

animated-frisbee-spectator from Katrina on Vimeo.

6. Ryan tolerated the Indiana fireworks that graced this Illinois party. Lots of commotion and screaming toddler girls created a clinging toddler in my arms saying, "Carry. Carry. Carry," even when he was already being carried. When a firework would go off, he would raise his head from under his crossed arms, look up at the sky, whisper, "Wow," with a little exasperated sigh and then bury his head again til the next one.

7. PSA: Mulan is on Netflix. I haven't been happy with Netflix since they removed Tangled so they have now redeemed themselves. Off to search for a lucky cricket.