What I Wore For My Sunday Best

Happy Sunday!

We went to the 10am Mass at the Basilica this morning. I'm a broken record, but oh man, do I love going to Mass there. Reverence, full choir, completely packed church, so many priests, incense, everything. 

Ryan was very well-behaved considering I wasn't even sitting with him since I was on the altar the whole time, and I only heard him once. Many thanks to  Annie, my sister-in-law, for pitching in and taking over the Ryan-watch when both Chris and I were not in the pew. After Mass, Ryan let all of the pent up-in-the-name-of-being-holy energy out and ran, howled, got dirt on his khakis and tried to fist-bump people all in about thirty seconds. It all culminated in his response when I told him to stand still and  say, "Cheese!"
Who taught this kid the sorority pose?

Enjoy these perfectly exposed photos. 

Dress: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Marshalls. Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Marshalls. Baby Bump: 23 weeks.

Definitely got the shot.
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