What I Wore for my Sunday Best

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Happy Sunday!

It is a humid weekend over here. So humid that Ryan's head is 75% curly, which is quite the upgrade from his Oompa Loompa days. (Also - in case any one cares, a google seach for "Oompa Loompa" led a few people here. Ha!) Mass was beautiful, as it always is. Ryan quietly stayed in the pew for 95% of the Mass with only a few stray, "Air-play!" yelps for when he mistook angels for airplanes and "Baby!" exclamations upon seeing a baby which were followed by desperate, squirming attempts to kiss my belly. Although he stayed quiet, he definitely wasn't still and there were quite a few thuds since he hasn't mastered the balance beam of a kneeler yet. 

Here are the weekly Harrington feeding animal photos because we pride ourselves on being unpredictable.

Floral top: Motherhood Maternity from ... my mother-in-law. Life is pretty sweet when you swap maternity clothes with your mother-in-law. Skirt and belt: Target clearance rack. Pumps: the normal Lauren Ralph Lauren ones from Marshalls. Bump: 22 weeks.
 Thank you to everyone who has prayed for the family of my NFP practitioner, Sarah, who tragically passed away due to complications after delivering her stillborn son.