Raining Vanilla

It's 2:59, and I'm still in the clothes I wore yesterday and last night. I don't even have the excuse of having a newborn.

The torrential rains of this morning created a downpour of tantrums and a lake of imitation vanilla on the floor as a certain stir-crazy, outdoor-obsessed toddler decided that the kitchen needed a change of scent. 

A certain mama around here said a prayer of thanksgiving that she was cheap and ignored Ina Garten's recommendation to always have some good vanilla around. We are guilty of having vanilla posers around here.

And with that sneeze, it is time to change my clothes (not explaining that, you either get it or you don't!), cut this post short and brave the humidity because this kid is UP, and we have got to get out of this vanilla air, as pleasant as it seems.