Likes and Shares

Likes and shares from the world wide web. A lot of these are ancient in internet time (two weeks+) so forgive this lady for being late to the party, please.

Rosie had me cracking up laughing with her Nursing Rules for Babies post. I think Ryan was her number one non-family-member reference when researching documenting the rules.

Chris knows that I like looking for non-frumpy-dumpy-sat-on-a-wall one piece swimsuits so it made me smile when I saw that he emailed me this video about the evolution of the bikini given by Jessica Rey of Rey Swimwear. I thought it was incredibly interesting. Thank you for designing, Jessica!

Speaking of swimsuits...I am very intrigued by the $20 miracle swimsuit Ain't No Mom Jeans shared to the world this week. I am pondering if it will work for me this summer since I don't have a maternity swimsuit, but I'm pretty sure my globe of a belly will be too Christopher Columbus for the flattening swimsuit.

Kate shared her meal planning system and I reeeeeeally need to get my behind in action so I can stop being so behind in the grocery department (polite ha).

This iPhone editing tutorial series on VSCO, Snapseed and Pictapgo on Hellobee has been such a help to me since I rarely edit my photos on the computer once they are uploaded. This DSLR-less mama needs all the help she can get.

Jenny hit the nail on the head with her hilarious flying a transatlantic flight with toddlers PSA. Check it out if you want to chuckle.

My friend, Ellie, compiled this list of brides and grooms praying together before their wedding. Too sweet.

I can't be married to Chris without sharing the latest Hobbit preview. I wonder if he is counting down to the end of October which as much fervor as the countdown to December 13, 2012 ...

David and Becca discovered this life-in-the-kitchen changing video from Martha Stewart. David tried the trick with tupperware instead of metal bowls, and it worked! Bye-bye sticky fingers from peeling crushed garlic cloves.

Well, have a happy Thursday! Ryan is currently enjoying his third breakfast. He will probably have an elevensies, too.